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Speed-up your Peoplesoft 7.0-7.5 Search Views

In the past many clients have had problems with
Search views. Many People have decided to go to Denormalized "Canned" tables based on the views.
This solution works for some but is prohibitive in an environment where the changes must be seen immediately.
When we tune the Search views we concentrate on tuning ONE search view. Then we modify the search view to contain ALL of the columns that might be needed. We then utilize this one search view as a replacement for all others.
To make this change, we update the security tables attached to all records to our tuned view. We also update the search views used in the panel groups.
Lastly, we make any adjustments to peoplecode and sqr programs.

Now the important question:
HOW do you tune the view?
In all versions of Peoplesoft 7 using Oracle as the DB server, we've applied the following line INSIDE the EXISTS statement:
and rownum


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